1. Date of Establishment: –    1st July 1959
  2. Build up area: –    180. Square Meters
  3. Different Programme Offered :-(I) B. Sc.( 1959)

(II)M. Sc.(1997)

(III)E.E.M. [Electronic Equipment      (2006)  Maintenance]

  1. Course Detail :- (I) B.Sc. Syllabus According to

Pt. Ravishankar ShuklaUniversity Raipur (C.G.)             (II) M.Sc. Syllabus Certified by Autonomy board of studies

(III) Electronic Equipment Maintenance started under the U.G.C. Scheme the course is for 3 different years.         (A) First Year: Certificate Course

(B) Second Year: Diploma Course

(C) Third Year:- Advanced Diploma Course

5 . No. of sanctioned posts: – Teaching Staff -6 [1 professor &5 Asst. proof.]

 No. of Teachers-

(1) Smt. Preeti bala Taunk(Asst. Prof.)  (2) Mr. Suresh Kumar Patel(Asst. Prof.)

(3) Dr. Rehana Ashrafi, Guest Lect.    (4) Mr. Akash Tripathi, Guest Lect.

(5) Miss ArchanaYadav,Guest Lect.    (6)Mr. K.L.Chauhan, Janbhagidari(EEM)

 Supporting Staff:   –

(1) Shri C.R.Sahu, Lab Technician        (2) Shri G. Mandavi, Lab Attended

  1. Number of Student during: 2015-2016

BSc I- 264

BSc II- 135

BSc III-  175

MSc F-17

MSc P-20

EEM- BSc I-07

BSc II- 03

     7.1.1 Board of Studies Meeting:

It was held on 07-08-15 August, for approving the syllabus for academic session 2015-16.

1-University Representative:          Dr. D.P Bisen  Professor, Pt. RSU, Raipur,

2-Autonomous Adviser          :        Dr.Jagjit Saluja Professor,Pt. RSU, Raipur

3- Autonomous Representative:       Prof.Y.P. Patel, H.O.D. Physics, Kalyan

College Bhilainagar.

4- Legendary person                         Shri Sudhir buddan –

5- Student –                                        Shweta sharma

 7.3.1    Parents teacher meeting:  Parents teacher meeting was held on 05-01-2016 in physics department. In which discussion was done on theoretical and practical subjects.

      7.3.2Aluminize Meeting: On 19-02-2016 aluminize meeting was organized. Ex-Students took part on this meeting. In this meeting Miss Shweta Sharma (NET,GATE) and Miss Gracy  Chourasiya intimated to M.Sc. students about net/set exam and its syllabus.

 P.G. Student union Council Inaugurated:

Physics  PG Council was formed on the basis of merit on 04- 09-15 in  the presence of  Dr. R. N. Singh principal and  H.O.D. of Physics department Smt. P.B. Taunk and Mr. Suresh Kumar Patel (Asst. Prof.) and staff. Office-bearers nominated   were as follows;

President           –   Miss. Deep mala Gautama      M.Sc. final

Vice-President –     Miss Chetna Dewangan        M.Sc. prev.

Secretary           –    Miss         Nandini  Khobragade   M.Sc. final

Joint secretary  –    Miss Renuka sinha              M.Sc. prev.

Vice-President –      Aasth  Borkar                          B.Sc. Final

Secretary            –   Yatish  Patel                             B.Sc. Second

  Teachers Day celebration:

Teacher’s day was celebrated on 04-09-2015 in department of physics and quiz competition and other activities were done on this occasion

Group Discussion:                                                                                       

A group discussion was organised in 20/01/2016 Physics Department on an interesting  knowledgeable.

Topic Microprocessor/Amplifier In this discussion PG students take part and enjoyed.

   Quiz Competition:

In this competition all P.G. students had participate. In this quiz competition many questions related to physics subject asked to our students. Also question related to general studies, general knowledge, current affairs asked to make their knowledge strong. Students really enjoyed this

Bhabha Jayanti:- On 30-10-2015 Dr. Homi Jahangir Bhabha jayanti was celebrated in the presence of Principal Dr. R.N. Singh,  Dr. H.N. Dubey, Rtd. Principal, Kalyan P.G. College Bhilai and  Dr. D.H. Sharma Prof. and Head of the Department of Biochemistry, Kalyan P.G. College Bhilai Nagar, Durg. Dr. Anita Maheshwar H.O.D. of Botony, Prof. Sabnam Khan H.O.D. of Maths. Mrs. PritiBala Taunk H.O.D. Of physics dept. and Mr. S. K. Patel sir.

8-Teaching Learning and Evaluation

8.1Student Enrolment Profile:-

Class Admission Form Received Allowed and Admitted
B.Sc.Part-1      838 282
B.Sc.Part-2      162 140
B.Sc.Part-3       208 180
M.Sc.1st Sem

M.Sc.3rd            Sem







EEM Certificate 23 23
EEM Diploma 03 03


8.2Admission according to merit

ST:-           32%

SC:-           12%

OBC:-        14%

Note:- (1) 03% Reserved for F.F. and Physical    Disability.

(2) 30% Reserved for Women’s.

(3) Weight age given of N.S.S./N.C.C./Sports students according to rule and regulation.

Guest lecture for P.G., U.G. and Add-on (EEM)

Guest lecture: On 31-12-15 Guest Lecture on the topic Application of Microprocessor was given by Mr. Pukhraj Bakshi  from Ashoka Institute of technology & Management. Rajnandgaon. (C.G.).
Guest lecture: On 28-08-15 guest lecture was delivered on the Topic was carrier after M.Sc. by Mr. C.S. Robinson, Bhilai Institute of Technology Durg,  under Rusa Rastriya Uchatra Abhiyan (RUSA) .


Guest lecture: On 16-02-2016 guest lecture on the topic Microprocessor was given by Mr. Pukhraj Bakshi  from Ashoka Institute of technology & Management. Rajnandgaon. (C.G.). In this lecture students of M.Sc. Physics were present


Guest lecture: On 17-11-2015 guest lecture gave by Prof. D.P. Bisen  from Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University, Raipur (C.G.). He gave the lecture on  Electron Band theory.


Guest lecture: On 11-01-16  Guest Lecture was delivered on the Topic was Luminescence and their Application, by Mr. Raunak Tamrakr, Bhilai Institute of Technology Durg,


Special lecture on the Understanding of Universe:

On 20-08-2015 special lecture is given by a famous scientist Prof.  Pushpa Khare, Pune (M.H.). In this special occasion honourable Chief guest Prof. Pushpa Khare  and V.C. Prof. S.K. Pandye , our respected principal Dr. R. N. Singh , Vice- Principal Prof. Chandrika Nathvani were present.

Special lecture is given by a famous scientist Prof. Pushpa Khare Pune (M.H.). M.Sc. students of physics encouraged from this valuable lecture.

Field work:

Add-on courses (E.E.M.): on 06-01-2015 students off Add-on were gone Chhattisgarh Science Centre, Raipur, (C.G.).

Contribution of faculties to Weaker and Outstanding Students of

S. No. Name of Faculty Contribution for weaker students of UG Contribution for weaker students of PG Contribution for outstanding students of UG Contribution for outstanding students of PG
1 Smt. Priti Bala Taunk



Separate Class,

Extra afford during practical examination

Help to the Seminar Presentation, Provided print of the power points Provided print of the power points, Provide personal books


2 Mr. Suresh Kumar Patel Separate Class Provided personal notes and books Solving  the doubt during personal interaction Provide

personal books

3 Dr. Rehana Ashrafi Separate Class Provided personal notes Solving the doubt during personal interaction, Extra test Provide personal books

& notes

4 Mr. Aakash Tripathi Separate Class Provided personal notes  Solving the doubt during personal interaction  

Provide personal books

& notes

5 Miss Archana Yadav Separate Class Provided personal notes  Solving the doubt during personal interaction, Extra test  

Provide personal books

& notes

(I)-Mahindra Finance scholarship– List of student of  B.Sc III  who got scholarship

  1. Reena Verma
  2. Nomika Solanki
  3. Sweta Dubey
  4. Leela
  5. Priyanka
  6. Aastha Borkar
  7. Indra Kumar
  8. Aatama ram
  9. Pooja Sahu
  10. Veena
  11. Aarti
  12. Sudha
  13. Kanti
  14. Mohit Kumar
  15. Sunny Dewangan

       Teachers’ Qualifications and Achievements-


S.no. Name of Teachers Joining Date Qualification
1. Smt. Priti Bala Taunk 10/01/1990 M.Sc. M.Phil. Ph.D. (Pursuing)
2. Mr Suresh Kumar Patel 29/09/2014 M.Sc. M.Phil. Ph.D. (Pursuing)
3. Dr. Rehana Ashrafi 04/08/2015 M.Sc.  Ph.D.
4. Mr K Chauhan 01/08/2012 M.Sc.
5. Mr. Akash Tripathi 16/07/2015 M.Sc.
6. Ku. Archana Yadav 01/10/2015 M.Sc.


  Lecture as a resource person

Name of professor Date Name of Institute Kind of service and subject Payment as a resource person
Smt.  Priti bala Taunk 24-11-2014 Govt. Science college  Dongargaon (c.G.) Conservation low 500=00/-
30-07-2015 Rashtria Bal Congress Climate and Weather  


Mr. Suresh Kumar Patel 27-02-2016













Seth Phoolchand Smriti Mahavidyalaya Nawapara Nagar


Govt.College Chhuria



Govt.College Dongargarh





As a resource person (National Science Day)


As a resource person(RUSA)



As a resource person(RUSA)

1000=00 /-





1000=00 /-




1000=00 /-