Year of Establishment–           U.G.- 1959,       P.G.- 1970

  1. Thrust Area– The teachers of the department are working in the field of Fixed Point Theory
  2. .Courses Offered- In U.G level courses offered are given below-
  3. Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry
  4. Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science
  5. Mathematics, Physics, Industrial Chemistry
  6. Mathematics, Physics, Geology
  7. Mathematics, Chemistry, Anthropology.

Note:-With these groups the student can have option of Add-On course as certificate, diploma, advanced –diploma-Information Technology (I.T) and Electronic Equipment Maintenance (EEM)

4.No. of Students ( in each course)- Session 2015-16

B.Sc I   -157, B.Sc II-   171, B.Sc III    -120,M.Sc Pre-44, M.Sc Final-26.

  1. No. of sanctioned posts05,Professor- 01,Assistant Professor-04
  2. Name. of Teachers
  3. Shabnam Khan Prof. & Head
  4. K.K. Dewangan Asstt. Professor
  5. Deepika Sahu Guest Lecturer
  6. Muneshwar Sahu            Guest Lecturer
  7. Neha Mandavi Guest Lecturer

                                                 Extra Curricular Activity

Preparation competition exams like for NET Examination, PSC (AP). PSC, UPSC, SSC, SSB (Mains).

Parent-Teacher Association

Every session we arrange the Parents-teacher meeting.


  Guest lecturers/ Invitee Talk – Department was organized for students by subject experts to improve their knowledge in various subjects.

Subject Expert Designation Topic
Dr. S.K. Verma Ex. V.C. , Sarguja Vishva Vidyalaya Career Counseling
Dr. M.A. Siddiqui Prof. & H.O.D Mathematics, Govt. VYT College, Durg Analysis
Dr. H.K. Pathak Prof. & Head, Dept. of Mathematics, SOS PRSU Beauty of Mathematics
Dr. G.K. Goswami Prof. & Head, Dept. of Mathematics,Kalyan College, Bhilai Nagar


Life of Ramanujan

Dr. S.K. Verma delivering lecture on Career Counseling


Dr. H.K. Pathak lecture on Beauty of Mathematics


 Dr. G.K. Goswami lecture on Analysis         


Dr. M.A. Siddiqui delivering lecture on Life of Ramanujan


Extension Activity and Institutional Social Responsibilities

In this session we took our students to Dr. Baldeo Prasad Mishra School, Rajnandgaon. The students of P.G. Level taught school students how to solve mathematics easily and overcome the fear of mathematics.



Student result


S.No Class Total Appeared in Exam Total Passes Passing Percent
1 B.Sc I 221 157 71.04


2 B.Sc II 204 187 91.66


3 B.Sc III 109 103 94.49


4 M.Sc Pre 27 27 100


5 M.Sc Final 23 23 100



                                              Students’ participation and Activities


S.No Name Class Sport Achievement
1. Harsh Shrivastava B.Sc I Football Participated in Sector Level Competition
2. Rakesh Yadav B.Sc I Basketball Participated in State Level Competition
3. Balvir Janghel B.Sc I Kho-Kho Runner-up  in Sector Level Competition
4. Pratibha Yadav B.Sc II Tikando, Karate Participated in All- India Inter College Competition
5. Animesh Nigam B.Sc II Football Runner-up  in Sector Level Competition
6. Amarjeet Yada B.Sc III Crosscountry Participated in Inter-College competition
7. Komal Gupta B.Sc III Weight Lifting Represented in All-India University Competion, Guntoor
8. Atmaram Chanape B.Sc III Kho-Kho Runner-up  in Sector Level Competition
9. Pradeep Chandrawanshi B.Sc III Kho-Kho Runner-up  in Sector Level Competition
10.` Shailendra Singh Bandhe B.Sc III Tikando All India Participated in All- India Inter College Competition
11. Anshul Singh Tomar M.Sc Previous Basketball Participated in State level Competition


                                                            Participation in College

S.No Name Class Participation
1. Anshul Sigh Tomar M.Sc II Sem Weight Lifting
2. Vandana Koretti M.Sc IV Sem Skipping
3. Venu Dewangan M.Sc II Sem Dance
4. Prachi Jain M.Sc II Sem Dance
5. Hemlata Dewangan M.Sc II Sem Dance
6. Anshul Sigh M.Sc II Sem Dance
7. Rituraj Nagpure M.Sc IV Sem Poster Competition
8. Aparna Kande M.Sc II Sem Poster Competition


                                          National Science Day Celebration

S.No Name Class Competitions Achievement
1. Anshul Singh Tomar M.ScII Sem Model Prepration 3rd Prize
2. Anshul Singh Tomar M.ScII Sem Quiz 1st Prize
3. Mahendra Dewangan M.ScIV Sem Quiz 1st Prize
4. Divya Rajpur M.ScIV Sem Seminar 3rd Prize

                                          Campus Participation

S.No Name Class Campus Participation
1. Leelaram Dewangan` M.ScII Sem Infosys
2. Neha Joshi M.ScII Sem Infosys
3. Aparna Kande M.ScII Sem Infosys
4. Vinny Yadav M.ScII Sem Infosys
5. Devid Sahu M.ScII Sem Infosys
6. Vinod Sahu M.ScII Sem Infosys
7. Khemlal Sahu M.ScII Sem Infosys
8. Chandrashekhar Sahu M.ScII Sem Infosys
9. Daleshwar Yadu B.Sc III TCS
10. Sonsaay Nishad B.Sc III TCS


                                  Job Profile of Pass out Students

S.No Name Designation
1 Ram Krishna Mishra Nayab Tehsildar
2. Satya Pal Pansari Indian Navy
3. Adarsh Gajendra Police Department
4. Bhupendra Patel Shikshakarmi Varg 01
5. Naresh Bhuarya Shikshakarmi Varg 01
6. Rupesh Verma Guest Lecturer, Churiya
7. Geetanjli Patel Geuest Lecturer
8. Nikita Maniyar Janbhagidari Lecturer, Dongargaon


Gold Medalists

S.No Name Class
1. RupeshKumar Verma M.Sc Final
2. Gangan Sonkar M.Sc Previous
3. Vasudev B.Sc III Maths
4. Akansha Vyas B.Sc III C.S



  • Neha Joshi of M.Sc II has been selected in TCS and INFOSYS Campus in Session 2014-15
  • Deepak Kumar from B.Sc I Maths in Session 2015-16 was awarded 5000 Rs. For N.S.C Camp
  • Chandresh Kumar from B.Sc II Maths will be awarded For N.S.C Camp